Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Watchmans Post watch date 11.14.09

The Watchman's Post

This last month God has been doing so construction in my spiritual life, physical life, and mental life.
Each time I go to work on the grounds of the campus the lord talks to me and teaches me new meanings of being patient.
This past month Satan's attacks have been more on unity between both the staff and the students
but we have seen these attacks and we are watching out for each other everyday and night.
But it is still hard to fight him cause he knows every weak spot.
So we are seeking God more each day so that we can be closer to Him and Satan from us.
I have been getting along with the students I have made some very good friendships with them
we have been having some assume intercession times and work duty times.

Prayer Requests

1.I am trying to find churches or people to help sponsor me for Thailand
so if you know any one that might be interested please let me know.

2.God has been teaching me a lot of different things and some time it is overwhelming what I learn.
Well that is all I have for now
God bless
this is the watchman signing off.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Watchman's Post Watch date 9.14.09

The Watchman's Post

Summer is ending and winter is just around the corner. This last month was full of events and fun times
with my Friends here is at the campus.
The first thing that happened this month was Set Apart. This event was put on by all the teenagers from the churches in the surrounding area. They had it here at the campus from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. During that time we had worship, meal fellowship, games, and some really cool intercession times. All ages of people came and experienced Gods love and Holiness in many different ways.
It was an amazing time.

Every year the Bull family from the church I go to puts on this thing called a corn roast it is a free event
were many people come and eat lots of very good corn and fried chicken. They also thing called
a tractor pull, it is a small tractor that is powered by people peddling it. The tractor attached to a small trailer that is loaded with 150 pound medal blocks and you have to pull it as fare as you can.
Sounds easy well when the tractor moves so do the blocks. The blocks start from the back of the trailer
when you start peddling the blocks start moving to the front of the trailer were attached to the bottom is a medal plate. At first it is barely touching the ground but when the blocks move forward it presses
on the ground and the more you peddle the more the blocks move and press down on the medal plate .
I went 201/2 feet and so did many other people only three guys to the full length of the track.
It was really fun and exciting to do that.

Prayer Requests:

1. I am earning up for out reach and I am trusting God will bring it in.

2.Need to find some more supporters.

3. The church that my parents go to in Baltimore is praying about supporting me
but they want to meet me first.

4.Please pray that I can find the time and the money to go down there.

5.For the past month I have been on a one meal a day fast.
In this fast God has been reveling a lot things that I haven't noticed before.

6.Also DTS is starting next Sunday so things are going to be busy
from now to the end of February.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this news letter.
Sorry it is late

Talk to you all later.

This is the Watchman from the North woods Signing off.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Watchman's post watch date 8.12.09

Well everyone Another month has past and it was a busy one. On the 19Th of July I turned 23 years old it was an exciting day, some of my friends took me out to see transformer's.

I also went to Silver Lake MI for a family reunion I had a blast my uncle don set up a slip and slid on the sand dunes that we right next to the lake.
the slide went down the dunes and into the water.

we had a costume slip and slid contest were a couple of us dressed up and slid down the slide. Ge's who I am? give up I am the one with my hands in the air. Also ge's who won the contest?
The one with the long white hair.

We also had model boat contest were my Uncle Don my dad and my other uncles built a basic frame for a model boat and the let the kids do the rest.

I had a great time building those boats and seeing what the kids put on them.

It was a very fun a relaxing vacation
Well that is pretty much it. hope you enjoyed my news letter.
this the Watchman signing off.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The watchman's Post Watch date 7.02.09

The watchman's Post

Greetings everyone

well the (SBF) students have graduated and things are quiet here at the base.

Things are going good around here I am keeping the grounds looking great

and I am busy piling wood that we cut down. About a week or two ago a group from a church came and cut 40 to 50 trees down I helped cut the trees up in to logs it was fun. One my jobs now is to gather the wood and bring it to the wood lot where we store the wood so it can be split and stacked to dry out be for winter. For this forth of July I will be helping youth center in chetek sell brats, hot dogs and many other things I am excited.

In about two weeks or so I am turning 23 wow time goes fast. This September will be the fourth year that I have been with Ywam. I came to Ywam when I was 19 and now I am turning 23.

I can't wait to see what God has in-store for me for this next year.

well that's all I have for now catch you all later.

Here are some pictures from the (SBF) Graduation.

This is the watchman signing off.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Watchman's Post watch date 5.2.09

Greetings all 
April has ended and may has begone. But many things happened in this last month so lets get to.
Things got really busy these last three weeks. The fonder of this campus Bill Lemke turned 90 on April 25/2009 so three weeks before his birthday I had to start preparing for it because some of the staff wanted to have a birthday party for him. This was going to be a big party. Some of the staff started planing for it three weeks before and that Included me. I had to rake all the lawns and clean up branches it was a lot of work but it was all so fun. The good thing about raking is it cleans away all the dead leaves, grass and, anything else that might be on the ground. So that the grass will grow. On Friday the day before the party everyone was very busy decorating and setting tables and chairs up. We had a big tent set up for people to eat in. It was a lot of work setting all the tables and chairs to go in there. The day of the party about 300 people came, quite a few of them were family and the rest were friends. It was a fun birthday party.

On another note my two friends Zach & Christine  and I started working as volunteers at this youth center called The Garage. work there every Friday night and some times Saturday nights for 7:00pm to 10:00pm. It is a lot of fun hagging out with the kids and being a rolmodel for them. 
I feel this is one of the minstries God called me to do and I love it. Please Pray that my friends and I seek God on who to shine his light on these kids.

Well that is all that there is for now, I am praying for you all.

2Corinthians 13:14
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship
of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
Check it out there some songs that go with this news letter.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Watchman's Post watch date 4.4.09

Things here on the campus has been slow but good.
(SBF) started a week and a half ago and the students are studying a lot.
Reminds me when I did my (SBF) back in 2006.
In about one week some of my friends and I will be voluntary working at a youth center called the Garage. What we will be doing is just hanging out with the kids, being friend or big brother to those who may not. I am exited that God has called me to do this. 
God has been reveling some cool things to me since I got back from Thailand.
I feel God is calling me to three places Thailand, Chetek WI, and Ywam North woods.
How this is going to work is this.  
Every year I will go with the teams that go to Thailand and work with them.
Then when I am back in the U.S I will work with the Youth Center in Chetek and during the week when I am not working at the Youth Center, I will be working here at the Ywam North woods Campus. But even thou I have these plans there has been one very important lesson God has been teaching me (Be flexible in what ever you do). Cause you never know when God will call you to do some thing else for a while or for ever. When that happens we need to trust in Him and do it with faith. 
I love God so much and know what every God calls me to do it is good and He knows what He is doing.
I give you this challenge if God is calling you to do some thing, wait for his instruction and then do it.
Well that is all for now.
This is The Watchman signing off.
God bless                          

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Watchman's Post watch date (3.6.2009) Thailand Report

Hey everyone
well I'm back for Thailand and it was a blast.

I am still getting over jet lag and the time zones Thailand has a twelve hour difference from the US. But other than that things are going well.

DTS is over we had the graduation ceremony last Friday.
Now we have three weeks until The School of Biblical Foundations starts so right now we are resting and getting ready for that school.
I bet you are wondering what we did in Thailand, so here are some pictures
to show what we did. I put some thing with the pictures to explain what is in the picture
Me petting a tiger

This is called a Sung Tell it was our main source of getting to places in the city and to get to Nahong.
we had one sung tell packed with our bags and the other we had to ride in. We had 17 people
and we all packed our selves into the back of this thing.

This is my second grad class that another team mate and I taught.

This is our after school ministry were we would teach the kids Bible stories
and just hanging out with the kids.

Me having fun with the kids by trowing them up in the air and catching them.

One of my students (Bree) reading the Bible we gave him.

all the guys on the team and me getting ready to play the village leaders in soccer.

Us playing soccer against the village leaders.

Us make the winning goal.

A really cool looking sun set.

Me at an elephant show.

those are some of the pictures that I have.

I will put the rest of them on photo album blog.
Sam's Photo
well I hope you all are doing well and I hope you enjoyed this news letter
if you want to call me to ask more about it I would be more than happy to talk.
this is The Watchman signing off.