Friday, August 15, 2008

Watchman's log (watch date 8.15.08)

Well July is over and I am twenty two now it fells strange knowing your older than you were a month before. Any way things here at the base are busy the last two weekends, on the 6th of this month all of us single staff went to Michigan to help run a camp call rise up. All of us were counselor's and were assigned to a cabin. When I was a kid I always liked going to camp so I was excited when I helped lead one.

this last weekend we hosted a conference called Set Apart, we had five youth group there and had a total of 150 people there it was assume we had some of the youth pastors speak different topics, worship was amazing when we came together we could feel God moving in the room, one of our staff member Holly did a teaching on God being in everything and being with you even thou you don't think He's their. It really spoke to a lote of people and especially me cause I have been worrying about how I'm going to pay for outreach, but when I listened to what Holly said it made me realize that God will always be there no matter what. But some times it is hard to trust in God cause we do it our way cause we feel our way is easier. God knows what your going to be doing be for you even think of doing it. He had me realize that and I thank him for it, I love God so much He is there when I am asleep, He's there when I awake, He there when I overcome some thing, He's there when I fall, and He is also there when I need some one to comfort me when I am lolly or sad, I will trust in Him with my life, everything I have is his nothing is mine any more it's a his my life is his, why because He loves me and I love Him ''1 Corinthians 13:7 (It always protects, always trusts, always hops, always perseveres love never fails.)

Always trust in God cause He will always take care of you always.

Please pray for me I really need it, I can't do anything with out God and I don't want to.

Blessings to you
for the watchman