Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watchmans's log watch date 9.6.08

Hey everyone well summer is over and winter is near. Also we are getting ready for DTS so far we have 9 students coming but we are praying for more. In my last news letter I told you that God had told me to start getting ready for this years outreach to Thailand.
Since then God has been teaching me many things about his love and grace. One of the things He had me do was memorize 1 Corinthians 13 which talks about how we should love. God wanted me to learn the true meaning in this scripture so that I would learn to live it and use it in every thing I do, say and think. For the past two months now my dad and I have been praying to God about how I could get the money I need for Thailand my dad and I felt that God wanted me to find a part time job at first I was not sure that it was God telling me this but after He confirmed it through different people I knew God was telling me He wanted me to do this. But I don’t feel God wants me to find a job just to earn for Thailand I see this as a mission field. What job has me do it will give me the opportunity to show Gods love through serving. Please be praying for me I will need it.
God is good and anything is possible.

Well that is the big news for now if you want to talk to me about it some more please call me or e-mail me.

Till then please by praying for me.
Thank you and God bless