Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Watchman's Post Watch date 9.14.09

The Watchman's Post

Summer is ending and winter is just around the corner. This last month was full of events and fun times
with my Friends here is at the campus.
The first thing that happened this month was Set Apart. This event was put on by all the teenagers from the churches in the surrounding area. They had it here at the campus from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. During that time we had worship, meal fellowship, games, and some really cool intercession times. All ages of people came and experienced Gods love and Holiness in many different ways.
It was an amazing time.

Every year the Bull family from the church I go to puts on this thing called a corn roast it is a free event
were many people come and eat lots of very good corn and fried chicken. They also thing called
a tractor pull, it is a small tractor that is powered by people peddling it. The tractor attached to a small trailer that is loaded with 150 pound medal blocks and you have to pull it as fare as you can.
Sounds easy well when the tractor moves so do the blocks. The blocks start from the back of the trailer
when you start peddling the blocks start moving to the front of the trailer were attached to the bottom is a medal plate. At first it is barely touching the ground but when the blocks move forward it presses
on the ground and the more you peddle the more the blocks move and press down on the medal plate .
I went 201/2 feet and so did many other people only three guys to the full length of the track.
It was really fun and exciting to do that.

Prayer Requests:

1. I am earning up for out reach and I am trusting God will bring it in.

2.Need to find some more supporters.

3. The church that my parents go to in Baltimore is praying about supporting me
but they want to meet me first.

4.Please pray that I can find the time and the money to go down there.

5.For the past month I have been on a one meal a day fast.
In this fast God has been reveling a lot things that I haven't noticed before.

6.Also DTS is starting next Sunday so things are going to be busy
from now to the end of February.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this news letter.
Sorry it is late

Talk to you all later.

This is the Watchman from the North woods Signing off.