Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Watchman's post watch date 8.12.09

Well everyone Another month has past and it was a busy one. On the 19Th of July I turned 23 years old it was an exciting day, some of my friends took me out to see transformer's.

I also went to Silver Lake MI for a family reunion I had a blast my uncle don set up a slip and slid on the sand dunes that we right next to the lake.
the slide went down the dunes and into the water.

we had a costume slip and slid contest were a couple of us dressed up and slid down the slide. Ge's who I am? give up I am the one with my hands in the air. Also ge's who won the contest?
The one with the long white hair.

We also had model boat contest were my Uncle Don my dad and my other uncles built a basic frame for a model boat and the let the kids do the rest.

I had a great time building those boats and seeing what the kids put on them.

It was a very fun a relaxing vacation
Well that is pretty much it. hope you enjoyed my news letter.
this the Watchman signing off.


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