Friday, July 11, 2008

Watchman's log (watch date 7.11.08)

I am back from my trip to Virgina and I am glad to be home.
The ride home was long but thing went well when we got back.
thing are quiet around here all the students are gone and most of all the staff are on summer vacation. On July 19Th I will be turning 22 years old I'm excited.
also the 27Th of July I will be working at the Lake Geneva youth camp. I will be there for one week It is going to be fun.

this year I feel God is calling me to back to Thailand. last year I could go because I didn't have the amount of money I needed to go and God tolled me that I wasn't ready yet.
But last spring I was having my morning time with God when I heard God tell me to start getting ready this years outreach to Thailand.
I wasn't sure at first so I prayed on it for a few days cause I wanted to be sure that it was God telling me this. After those few days I knew it was God.
So I started studying the bible and reading it every day. I also started studying The Thai language so when I go back there I will be able to know a little bite of what they say to me. It is not easy but I will do my best

But for me to do this there are two major things I am going to need. The first one is Funds if you or any one you know would be able to give towards this outreach it would help me out a lot The cost will be $2000 but you don't have to give that much give what you feel is right, but the most important thing I need is prayer there is a lot of spiritual war fare in Thailand and I need all the protection I need from God and praying helps a lot
If you and your family could pray for me it will help me fulfill Gods plan for Thailand.
Last year I was part of a prayer and intersession team. We prayed for the team that went to Thailand, when they came back they said that the prayer help them shield them selves from Satan's evil forces, so they could show the people Gods love.
The outreach doesn't go until January 1 but I want to start get ready now so I'm not late.

I will update you about the outreach when i now more info about it till then
that is all for now please pray and ask God if you should give or not.
this is the watchman signing off.