Saturday, August 18, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 8.18.07)

Hey every one well since we my last log in it has been busy. last weekend my friends and I went to my friends Luke & Alanah's wedding it was great to see them get married because we saw them meet and go threw the whole relationship faze and the engagement faze. so it was good seeing them start there new lives together. it was a fun and fulfilled weekend.

when we got back from the wedding we had a lot of work to do to get ready for the staff conference next Tuesday. My staff fees are all most pay off but I just fund out that I owe the (DTS) $600.00 from the outreach to Thailand. I am really confused on what I should do cause I thought I pay it all off but I guess not I am asking God what I should do and if you could pray for me that would be great I need all the help I can get. Other than that things are going good around here we are finally getting the electrical upgraded and I am helping put it in.

We now have six more staff coming on that is cool I feel God is going to do something cool this year. we are also getting ready for the student that are coming in September. We are still looking for more students so if you know of any graduated Seniors how are wondering what to do ask them if they would like to do a (DTS) it is a five month school that helps you get closer with and I don't mean a little close I mean really close so close that you can axially take with him as close friends. It is an experience that you will never regret.

so if they want to go just have them go (Youth With A Mission and you can find out all the information about the school and about our campus. or you can call (715)-353-2280 and ask for Troy the (DTS) director or David the campus director. and if you want to get a holed of me call the same number and ask for me.

well that's all for now talk to you next week.

this the watchman signing off.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 8.8.07)

It has been 4 days since I have arrived back on to the YWAM campus here in Wisconsin.
I have started getting back in to schedule by working on some projects that need to be done.
both of our lawn tractors are broken down so we can't move the lawns around the campus.
what mostly needs to get done is painting the girls dorm windows frames I love to paint so this will be fun. This weekend I will attending my friends wedding out in Mexico Missouri.
It will be great to see them get married because saw them meet in my
(SBF) school of biblical foundations. It be a fun time of fellowship.
Well that all I have for now but come back next week and I will have more.
This is the watchman signing off.