Friday, March 27, 2009

The Watchman's Post watch date 4.4.09

Things here on the campus has been slow but good.
(SBF) started a week and a half ago and the students are studying a lot.
Reminds me when I did my (SBF) back in 2006.
In about one week some of my friends and I will be voluntary working at a youth center called the Garage. What we will be doing is just hanging out with the kids, being friend or big brother to those who may not. I am exited that God has called me to do this. 
God has been reveling some cool things to me since I got back from Thailand.
I feel God is calling me to three places Thailand, Chetek WI, and Ywam North woods.
How this is going to work is this.  
Every year I will go with the teams that go to Thailand and work with them.
Then when I am back in the U.S I will work with the Youth Center in Chetek and during the week when I am not working at the Youth Center, I will be working here at the Ywam North woods Campus. But even thou I have these plans there has been one very important lesson God has been teaching me (Be flexible in what ever you do). Cause you never know when God will call you to do some thing else for a while or for ever. When that happens we need to trust in Him and do it with faith. 
I love God so much and know what every God calls me to do it is good and He knows what He is doing.
I give you this challenge if God is calling you to do some thing, wait for his instruction and then do it.
Well that is all for now.
This is The Watchman signing off.
God bless                          

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