Sunday, June 17, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 6.17.07)

It has been a few week since my last log in and not much has happened since then so let me tell you about the things that did happen.
about two weeks ago the (SBF) School of Biblical Foundations class and I went to one of the students homes Zack Wisman who lived in Green Bay Wisconsin. It was a fun and relaxing weekend for all of us. That Sunday we went to Zack's church Tom the leader of the group preached on how to be a world changer and some of the students gave their testimonies.
after church one of the ladies from that church invited us to her house for lunch and dinner
between lunch time and dinner time we just hung out some the students and staff went out on a pontoon boat that the lady let us use. while they were out Tom's son Roger and I we out on one of the paddle boats she had we decided to take some squirt guns and paddle out to the people in the pontoon boat and squirt them but it didn't work out as planed. paddle boats are slow and this paddle boat always turned right so it was really hard to steer. The people in the pontoon boat figured out what we were doing so they decided to play around with us. When ever we got close enough to squirt them they would speed up. after 10 tries Roger and I gave up when we got back we were tiered and I will tell you one thing if you ever need exercise just go on a paddle boat. after that we had dinner and went back to the Wisman's house. the next day we went back to the YWAM campus.
well that weekend was fun and refreshing.
also in about two weeks i will be going back home to visit my family in Colorado.
it has been about ten months since i have been back home so this will be a relaxing time to get back home and seen them all.
well that's all for now talk to you later.
this is Super SAM the watchman signing off.