Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Watchmans Post watch date 11.14.09

The Watchman's Post

This last month God has been doing so construction in my spiritual life, physical life, and mental life.
Each time I go to work on the grounds of the campus the lord talks to me and teaches me new meanings of being patient.
This past month Satan's attacks have been more on unity between both the staff and the students
but we have seen these attacks and we are watching out for each other everyday and night.
But it is still hard to fight him cause he knows every weak spot.
So we are seeking God more each day so that we can be closer to Him and Satan from us.
I have been getting along with the students I have made some very good friendships with them
we have been having some assume intercession times and work duty times.

Prayer Requests

1.I am trying to find churches or people to help sponsor me for Thailand
so if you know any one that might be interested please let me know.

2.God has been teaching me a lot of different things and some time it is overwhelming what I learn.
Well that is all I have for now
God bless
this is the watchman signing off.