Friday, March 6, 2009

The Watchman's Post watch date (3.6.2009) Thailand Report

Hey everyone
well I'm back for Thailand and it was a blast.

I am still getting over jet lag and the time zones Thailand has a twelve hour difference from the US. But other than that things are going well.

DTS is over we had the graduation ceremony last Friday.
Now we have three weeks until The School of Biblical Foundations starts so right now we are resting and getting ready for that school.
I bet you are wondering what we did in Thailand, so here are some pictures
to show what we did. I put some thing with the pictures to explain what is in the picture
Me petting a tiger

This is called a Sung Tell it was our main source of getting to places in the city and to get to Nahong.
we had one sung tell packed with our bags and the other we had to ride in. We had 17 people
and we all packed our selves into the back of this thing.

This is my second grad class that another team mate and I taught.

This is our after school ministry were we would teach the kids Bible stories
and just hanging out with the kids.

Me having fun with the kids by trowing them up in the air and catching them.

One of my students (Bree) reading the Bible we gave him.

all the guys on the team and me getting ready to play the village leaders in soccer.

Us playing soccer against the village leaders.

Us make the winning goal.

A really cool looking sun set.

Me at an elephant show.

those are some of the pictures that I have.

I will put the rest of them on photo album blog.
Sam's Photo
well I hope you all are doing well and I hope you enjoyed this news letter
if you want to call me to ask more about it I would be more than happy to talk.
this is The Watchman signing off.

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