Saturday, May 26, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 5.26.07)

Hey every one we finally got some rain and lots of it. My lob is mostly cutting the grass it grows so fast but it is fun to do. Ither than that I have been talking with God a lot and asking him why I am here because it can be so confusing when things take so long to come or to get going. I love what I am doing here and I love all my friends here it just when it gets hard it isn't fun and I get confused on what God wants me to do. But when I start getting mad and confused Gods peace come upon me and he brings me to place in my mind where me and Him can talkand not be worried about the troubles of my life. In this place God calms my heart down so he can talk to me. when I am calm He starts to remind me of all the hard struggles I have been through in my life. He shows me that in each of the goals I went for I wanted to quit. but He also showed me that through Him I over came all of the goals I went after. I love God so much he all ways builds me up when I am down He never puts me down when I struggle to get through the hardship. He is so great and I will follow Him where ever He goes.

Thank you for listening to what was no my mind I hope you understand what I was saying.

This is super Sam the watchman singing off.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 5.21.07)

Well not much has happened since my last login nothing big that is. But there where something’s that happened that was fun. On Saturday my friends and I decided to go on a bike ride to one of the summer camp camps that was ten miles away from our campus. The people who went was Zack, Akram, Holy, Christine and me. we had a great time. When we got back we ate dinner then we decided to play some games in the dark so we turned off all the lights in the lodge and we played this came called sardines. Its were one person hides some were in the building and the rest of us wait in another room counting to 100. Then we go out to find the person if one of us finds the person we have to hide with that person until every one has find the place that person was hiding and then the game is over. This game is like hide and go seek but in stead of saying i fond him or her you hide with them. We all so played this came were there is a person who walks round trying to be scary and scar the other people who trying to get three objects that are in different places in the lodge. they have to get these objects and get back to the room they where safe in with out getting cot by the grabber.

well have to go talk to you all next time.

This is Super Sam the watchman signing off.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 5.15.07)

Not much has happened since my last login but one something did happen that cool.about a month ago I signed up for a food share card a food share card helps you get food.I had been waiting for it to arrive for a month and this week it finally came. I was glad that it came. In that month God was teaching me a lot on patents and having a servants heart. it was a good thing that i had to wait that long because now I know a littlie more on patents.

Well that all for now.

This is Super Sam the watchman signing off.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Watchman's Log. (Watch date 5.10.07)

last week we had our staff conference It was fun I learned a lot from it we talked about how to build God's dream team we also did some team building activities. on one of the nights me and another staff member turned the dinning room in to a coffee house we had a menu for the deferent choices we made while we served people we some comedy going on then we watched a movie call Night at the Museum. it was a lot of fun. after the staff conference there was a youth retreat here at the campus 36 junior high kids came plus there staff that lasted for the weekend after that things have been going slow and normal work around the campus has to get done.well that’s all for now. if any one wants to call and talk that’s would be cool.My Number (715) 353-2280 This is Super Sam the watchman singing off.

This is Super Sam the watchman singing off.